HLF Automatic Bean to Cup Machines

HLF 5700

The HLF 5700 is the latest addition to the HLF super automatic line, which
combines the speed of delivery with the quality of Italian espresso.   [more…]

2700_thumbHLF 2700

The real Italian Espresso and the finest milk foam produced from the HLF
2700 makes possible every drink desired. [more…]


Compact and available in 6 different colors, the 1700 encloses all HLF technology!   [more…]

4700_thumbHLF 4700

More choices, more power. Perfect for any large office, catering or commercial venue, the unit has 3 product canisters and the option of fresh milk.   [more…]


The perfect solution for innumerable locations. From the breakfast room in the hotels to the office coffee rooms. The 4600 is available in the Fresh Milk version.   [more…]



The 3600 is the perfect solution for a small office or the home where flavoured fresh ground espresso beverages and hot chocolate are desired.   [more…]

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