HLF Automatic Bean to Cup Machines

4700_thumbHLF 4700

More choices, more power. Perfect for any large office, catering or commercial venue, the unit has 3 product canisters and the option of fresh milk.   [more…]


Compact and available in 6 different colors, the 1700 encloses all HLF technology!   [more…]



The 3600 is the perfect solution for a small office or the home where flavoured fresh ground espresso beverages and hot chocolate are desired.   [more…]


What a perfect coffee machine! Everything you can desire in small areas, where you want to offer your customers an unforgettable break.    [more…]


The perfect solution for innumerable locations. From the breakfast room in the hotels to the office coffee rooms. The 4600 is available in the Fresh Milk version.   [more…]

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