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The HLF 2700: Design Your Espresso


Gourmet Coffee Solutions has been a proud HLF distributor of HLF Espresso Machines since 2004. HLF 2700 is the newest HLF coffee machine on the market.  

Gourmet Coffee Solutions is and has been the only HLF Italian Design importer located in the USA since 2009.

Every HLF coffee machine is produced with passion and accuracy on details where technology meets the Italian design. The real Italian Espresso and the finest milk foam produced from the HLF 2700 makes possible every drink desired. As a super-automatic coffee machine the HLF 2700 is capable of extracting the best aroma from any variety of coffee beans providing unique experiences. The HLF 2700 has all the essential characteristics to be the perfect “ coffee partner ” for every environment.

Is it time to replace your coffee maker? HLF Coffee Machines: Real espresso. From Italy!

The HLF 2700 features an intuitive layout not only in the beverages choice, but also during settings operations. Capable of playing images gallery and videos.
The step-by-step mode allows you to customize the drink during preparation, to best satisfy the customer’s needs! The intuitive interface layout makes every operation simple and easy, while the swap and copy functions make it easy to create or change drink recipes in seconds.
With our Touch Screen technology you have total remote control of the machine.

Self Cleaning Cycle
Thanks to the built in cleaning agent tank, the HLF 2700 is able to clean itself according to the setting saved in the internal calendar, ensuring maximum hygiene.

Instant Powders
Two large powder containers offer a large variety of selections (eg chocolate, french vanilla, etc).

Coffee Group
The strong and solid coffee brewer with variable coffee chamber is able to dispense both true Italian espresso and large American coffee.

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