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The HLF 4700: Modern Technology Meets Modern Italian Design


Gourmet Coffee Solutions has been a proud HLF distributor of HLF Espresso Machines since 2004. HLF 4700 is the newest HLF coffee machine on the market.  

Gourmet Coffee Solutions is and has been the only HLF Italian Design importer located in the USA since 2009.

With the HLF 4700 you can choose between fresh milk or powdered milk versions. Either will deliver real espresso and a great cappuccino. Our models brew real espresso and can offer cappuccino, latte, caffe mocha, flavored lattes, hot chocolate, regular coffee, chai latte, and more. This is a truly amazing grind and brew coffee maker.

The HLF 4700 G2 or G2F utilizes fresh ingredients for the best possible coffees, plus with 4 internal powder canisters it can also serve chocolate, vanilla, and chai tea beverages. This flexible functionality allows the customer to choose from 12 different drinks. The touch panel and LCD screen make all of these options available at the touch of a button.

Is it time to replace your coffee maker? HLF Coffee Machines: Real espresso. From Italy!

Intuitive layout not only in the beverages choice, but also during setting operations.
The step-by-step mode allows you to customize the drink during preparation, to best satisfy the customer’s needs!
With the Touch Screen technology you have the total remote control of the machine.

The new milk system provides milk foam at the perfect consistency, both in hot and cold drinks.
The new integrated cleaning system ensures constancy in the quality of milk and foam and maximum hygiene.

The blue LED in the cup station contrast with the stainless steel of the machine and enhance its technological style.
The worktop is more visible and the cup placement is just immediate.

The new grinder with conical steel mills associated with the new espresso group, ensures the maximum performance even in cases of intensive use.

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